HELP! No video with Kworld PVR-TV 300U USB TV tuner with laptop



Hello all:

I recently bought a Kworld PVR-TV 300U USB TV tuner and can't seem to
get any video to display. I've tried both the cable and antenna (both
detect ~160 channels) as well as the composite video input. All three
settings pick up the audio just fine (and you can change the channels
in antenna/cable mode), but the video never seems to come up.

I've tried several codec packs but none seem to work. I'm running XP
SP2 home with an ATI 9600 Pro Turbo 128 on a Dell Inspiron 8600. All
other videos, DVDs, .AVIs, etc. play just fine, but not this one. I'm
using their PVR Plus software provided.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Or can someone provide me a serial
number so I can register it and ask their tech support? Stupid me, I
sent in the serial number to get a rebate and forgot to write it down.

Thanks in advance,

(e-mail address removed)


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