Help needed on permissions and opening DB

Sep 14, 2012
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We have downloaded and customized a template (Service Management), adding users. On the same computer (Win7, Access 2010), where the DB file is stored, everything works perfectly (i.e., we get a log-in screen, and depending on the name, it opens with the correct permissions applied). When I put the DB file on another computer, and open it from the computer that developed the customization, it continues to work perfectly. However, if the owner of the 2nd computer tries to open the file (now on on her computer), NONE of the log-in names work (and she tried the same ones that work on my computer).

I put the DB file on the worksite NAS and when I open it I get the log-in screen as expected. ALL other computers on the network can open it but do not see a log-in screen, and they can make changes in the data. Any guess what we are doing wrong?

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