HELP: How to get rid of web toolbar? No, not that web toolbar!



I have a question that has stumped all of the Outlook experts I've
consulted with so far. I want to get rid of my "web toolbar".

My OL2002 has a web toolbar looking thing at the top underneath the
menus but above the mail list. It looks very similar to the standard
web toolbar, having back/fwd, current folder name, address, go, stop,
and refresh buttons. You're probably saying that its the web toolbar,
however I can turn on and off the standard web toolbar which will
appear above this similar bar, so it's not the standard one.

It looks very similar to the standard one, but whereas the standard one
has the same color as the other standard toolbars (tan color, I think),
this other web toolbar is a medium green color. I think it may be an
addin but I don't know that I have any add-ins.

I have worked with OL for many years and many versions but have never
come across a toolbar that looks like this.

I have looked in Forms, Tools-Customize-Toolbars,
Tools-Options-Preferences, but haven't been able to find any way to
turn this off. And, when I right-click while over the toolbar, it
doesn't have any options, like the standard ones do, to turn on or off.
And I can't resize it or move it up to combine with the other

Any help?

Brian Tillman

Outlook said:
I have a question that has stumped all of the Outlook experts I've
consulted with so far. I want to get rid of my "web toolbar".

Look in Tools>Options>Other>Advanced Options>COM Add-Ins and Add-In Manager.


Yes, that's what it looks like!! Now, how can I get rid of it? OL was
loaded on this computer about 4 months ago and this was not on there.
It suddenly appeared about 1-2 months ago (probably with something I
loaded or changed, but I don't remember what it was).


No, as I said, there is no right-click option for this toolbar. This
works for the standard Web Toolbar (which this new one looks exactly
like it except for the color and fonts), but not for it.


OK, after much searching on Address bar and OL2002, I have found that
it cannot be gotten rid of. The best I can do is drag the vertical bar
all the way to the right so the annoying Address is not visible. This
is probably what I remember the initial setup was -- my aging memory is
failing me. ;)

Thanks all for responding.

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