Help! Help! Help!--doom (666) ???



Our computer crashed last week. We got it back up and running; however now
we are getting this pop-up from Norton Personal Firewall Program Control.

It states that this is low risk--a remote system is attempting to access
Microsoft Generic Host Process for Win32 Services on our computer. Then it
lists the program as:C\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe; Protocol: UDP (inbound);
The Remote address llists "doom (666)" as part of the address; Local Address:
All local network adapters.
Does anyone know what this is? I keep blocking it, but it comes back again
a few minutes later.


that is norton telling you that its doing its job. it is properly blocking
someone outside from connecting to your computer and it wants you to
acknowledge that it is doing a good job... just like a barking dog that you
praise every time it barks at a passing stranger outside it will keep coming
back until you tell it you don't want to hear its noise any more.
fortunately it is easier to train norton than most dogs... so go find the
off setting for all those messages and just let it silently turn them all

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