Help - Crashing when entering a 3D game.


Lee Moore

I have recently upgraded a PC to make it a better gaming machine. This
included installing 80GB HD (from 15GB), Sound Card, another 512MB DDR
Ram (1024 total on 2 chips) and GeForce Nvidia 5200 graphics card.

OS is Windows ME.

Card was last to go in, all others were working perfectly. No problems
running 3D game.

I removed current graphics card driver before installing, updated
Motherboard drivers (Via) and then installed card as per manufacturers
guide lines.

Went into 3D game (Planetside - On-line multiplayer 1st person
shooter) and within 3 mins it crashed to desk top.

So - removed drivers and card and reverted back to original card that
was working. That now crashes too!

I have looked at dxdiag. All ok. All drivers up to date. BIOS seems
set correctly for cards. Tried setting BIOS at card RAM size 128 and
half RAM size 64 but with no effect.

4 evenings of non stop trying and I'm at the end of my tether.

The card is sharing IRQ 11 with modem. Disabled modem - no effect
(dont use it anyway, use ethernet with broadband).

I would really appreciate any other solutions offered, I'll try
anyhting but please help me get back on planetside, I cant live
without it!!!

Lee Moore
Aged 34 (greying and going on 50 with stress) :(




If you have tried everything OLD MAN, this is your last change to fix
the problem, get the new RAM module out and try again...........if
it's not working get the old RAM module out and try

Guess it's it's one of your Memory modules that is faulty..........

let me know if thats the problem



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