HELP configuring partitions !!!



I have a dual boot config running Win 98 and Win 2000. I
just recently upgraded from NT 4.0 to Win 2000 pro. I have
my disk partitioned in four drives or volumes. My C:
volume is running Win98 and my D:,E:,G: drives are running
Win 2000 Pro. My D: drive is very low on free space and I
would like to wipe out the Win 98 OS and use its disk
allocation to increase my D: drive space. Is it possible
to increase the volume space by overwriting anothers
volume's disk allocation? I'm not concerned with wiping
out the Win 98 OS on C:, I would just like to give my D:
drive the disk space that Win 98 currently uses.


Dave Patrick

You can use Partition Magic to shrink C:\ and then expand D:\ You can't
delete the system partition as it contains the boot sector for all OS's. As
always take the normal backup precautions before altering any partitions.

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