HELP!! Computer Shutting Down A Lot!!



Hey Everyone. For the past few weeks my computer just shuts down all of a
sudden. Sometimes it will stay on 30 mintues and sometimes up to an hour.
Then I have to turn the power source off and back on to get the computer on.
Here are my settings in the Power options:

Here are my settings:

Power Schemes:

Home/Office Desk

Turn off Monitor: Never

Turn off hard disk: Never

System Standby: Never

System hibernates: Never


When I press the power button on computer: Shut Down

When I press the Sleep Button on computer: Stand By



Free Disk Space: 6,448 MB

Disk space required to hibernate: 127 MB


Details: None

Ups service is currently Stopped

Thank you very much for your help!



This seems to be a problem related with the RAM Chips. get them checked by a
certified technician. Try replacing the RAM chips and check if the computer
exhibits the same behavior.
M. Rajesh
..Net and Windows Shell MVP
Windows MarketPlace Moderator

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