Headset/microphone gets muted, please help


Michael Allred

I own a LogiTech headset/microphone, you know headphones and microphone all
in one?

Anyway I use it for voice chat, primarily through Yahoo messenger to call up
friends' computers and talk that way. Problem is sometimes it works and
sometimes it doesn't and I have no idea what causes it not to work. Somehow
the microphone gets muted and no sound goes through at all. The headphones
work and I can hear sound (not from another person talking mind you, just
whatever it is I'm listening to, music, etc.)

Anyway, I'm going through everything I know of before making a call through
Yahoo messenger to be sure everything's set up like it should. I'm no expert
or anything (hence why I'm here asking questions) but I run through the call
set-up on Yahoo and that works as it should, I check the volume settings and
everything is unmuted and volume turned up but here's the thing, I had the
volume setting menu opened up as I tried to make a call using Yahoo
messenger's voice chat and the freaky thing happened was as soon as I hit
'call' the volume meter automatically turned all the way down and the
microphone setting automatically muted itself and I'm like what the heck????
I can turn the volume back up and unmute the microphone but if I try to call
again, the process just repeats itself.

Now I've used my headset before to use voice chat on yahoo messenger so I
KNOW it works but the other day I turned my computer off and when I turned it
back on, that's when the problem occured again (it's done it before by the
way, not sure how I got it to work previously either then again I'm not sure
how it gets messed up too.)

I'm at wit's end, I have NO idea why this problem keeps happening or how I
can correct it. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this and why this is
happening? Please help.

Ron Badour

If this problem is only a few days old, you could try a system restore to
see if that cures it. The system restore procedure is in the Help file if
you are not familiar with it. By the way, if you haven't done this, I
recommend that you first run full scans with up to date anti virus and
malware (i.e., SpyBot) programs.

Michael Allred

Well this recent occurance is only a few days old but it's done this before
and I've no idea why. Perhaps there's some kind of conflict but I wouldn't
know where to start. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling Yahoo messenger to
see if that helped, it doesn't. I dunno how it gets to working again either.
I just find it goofy that, as I stated before, when I try placing a call
through yahoo messenger, the audio turns all the way down and the microphone
is automatically muted all on it's own.

Michael Allred

None, anything Yahoo offers does nothing. Which is why I believe the issue
lies on my end.

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