I have created a document in word and need to make sure the 2nd page does
not have a header or a footer, as the document is printed in duplex but the
first page is a letter that has nothing on the back of it. However if I put a
page break in to stop the 2nd page printing on the back of the 1st page the
page break has a header and footer on, which is printing on the back of the
letter instead of it been blank. The rest of the document has a different
footer and this is fine and it all prints duplex correctly. It's just the
first part I am struggling with.

ANY help would be great!!

Thank you



Stefan Blom

Instead of a page break, insert an Odd Page section break. This will suppress
the headers and footers on the back of the first page (of section one).

By default, the pages of the newly inserted section will have the same
headers and footers as those of the previous section, unless you unlink them
(by clicking the Same as Previous / Link to Previous button on the Header and
Footer toolbar, or the Header & Footer Tools ribbon, depending on your
version of Word).

You should also enable "Different odd and even" or "Mirror margins" in the
Page Setup dialog box; this ensures that filler pages are treated correctly,
especially if you also restart page numbering.


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