Having problems reporting malware to AntiSpyware



Pls can you help me or forward to someone who can?

I have a virus on my PC.

I have tried to submit a report via the 'suspect spyware
report' tag but this fails with a notice saying 'an error
occurred submitting the scan results. Please check you
(sic) Internet proxy settings and try again'

I am not sure how I do this but can confirm that my email
continues to work.

My symptoms:

Prior to 4 June I had AVG 6 and MS Antispyware loaded and

on 4 June my PC had a notice on it saying 'SystemStopped.
System has been stopped due to a serious malfunction.
Spyware activity has been detected. It is recommneced to
use spyware removal tool to prevent data loss. Do not use
computer before all spyware is removed'

At this time I had SpySheriff pushed at me and several
icons placed on my desktop for Free Xbox, kill all
spyware, Members area etc.
I ran MS antispyware . This found various items and
apparently removed them. But the problem kept coming back.

I upgraded to AVG 7 . this too found problems, removed
them and the problem came back. I ran 'msconfig' and
stopped selected processes from running (one of which
is 'mc-58-12-0000093' - this keeps on reappearing despite
being removed from the start up.)
I have gone to XoftSpy and run 4.13. This also finds
problems and removes them - only to have the problem come
I have gone to TrendMicro and run Housecall. This has
identified a 'suspected virus' at c:\Program
\1033\protect that it was unable to remove. It also found
an item at ...Windows\System32\protect.exe
Having used Trend, yet again the problems keep coming back.

If I use Advanced settings on ms-Antispy I find several
icons under Docs & settings\nyoung\ which include
I suspect these are the root cause of my difficulties.
Can you advise me what I should do?

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