Have corrupted 2003 by trying to send large email 240mb



Using 2003 Outlook. Inadvertantly tried to send and email that had 240 mb of
movie clips in it and now Outlook won't allow me to get in....Message is as
follows...The file C:\Documents and Settings\asus\Local settings\application
data\microsoft\outlook\outlook0.pst has reached its maximum size. I have
tried to auto archive and it has not worked. Now it allows sending I think
but won't allow receiving of emails....give error message of "receiving
reported error (0X8004060C) The message store has reached its maximum size.
Any help appreciated please...Bob


It opens ok?
What size is the PST file?
Archiving is usually not enough. Manually archive to another PST by dragging
and dropping old items over then right-click on the root of the Personal
Folders, choose Properties then click the Advanced button and "Compact Now".
Compacting removes "white space".
It's possible you have an older ANSI format PST which has a 2 Gig limit. I'd
create anew profile via the Mail icon in Control Panel which should default
to the newer and larger Unicode format. Then open your old PST file (after
you have compacted it) and copy items you want over from a table-based


Hi Roady...thanks for quick reply...yes I am still able to open Outlook and
I can see it trying to download the messages, actually can see how many
messages for a split second before the error message comes up.
Not sure what you mean by "Otherwise create an new pst-file and set it as
the default delivery location
via Tools-> Email Account "....I did go in on this path and created a new
file I think??...hope?? but ewhat now...it is still showing the same error
message. Regards Bob

Roady [MVP]

Did you also set it as the Default Delivery Location? You can select this in
a drop down list in the account configuration.
Once you done that you've got a new set of folders which are completely
empty but your original pst-file with all your information will still be
connected as a secondary set of folders.

The newly created folder set in Outlook 2003 can grow virtually unlimited in
size. You're current pst-file is still in the old format which will lock out
at 2GB. If you only want a single folder set you can move your data from the
secondary (original) folder set to you newly created primary one.


Hi Bill and Roady..thanks for your quick replies as well...Struggling with
some of what you ask or suggest but here goes...size 1.724 gigs. Think I have
compacted the old file but not sure how to create the new one through control
panel. I have been in there now and done what you say...must get to bed now
as late here and early start tomorrow, have created a new a new file and
apart from some rule errors that my ISP can help me with it appears to be
working...To tell you the truth I am not to sure what I did but I really
appreciate both your suggestions and thank you very much. I certainly could
not have done this without your help...thanks again. Regards Bob

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