hard drive usage on Vista



i have a question about hard drive usage on Vista. my hard drive usually
shows 20G free, but in the past month it has been sitting around 13G to 15G ~
not sure why it changes...

two days ago my free disk space was 15G, today it's 13.3G. i have run the
usual disk clean up, check disk, defrag and no change to the amount of free
space. i also cleaned up the restore points with the exception of the last 5
restore points ~ no change in the amount of free space.

the only major programs that i have on the drive are Vista Home Premium w/
SP1, Office 2007 w/ SP1, Anzio lite, Norton.

how can i free up more disk space on the drive?

Jabez Gan [MVP]

It could be caused by System Restore, or Shadow Copies.

If you are really in need of disk space, try disable System Restore and see
how much space it recovered back. And re-enable System Restore - it's very
useful when your PC crashes.

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