Hard Drive not being recognized - 0520-AE: IDE Device #0 Error


Josh Stover

My development server (Windows Server 2K) quit working
over the weekend and is displaying the following error
during bootup.

0520-AE: IDE Device #0 Error.

After continuing through the error I get one line at the
top of the screen indicating that the "Operating System
Cannot be Found."

Nothing has changed with the computer since I used it
successfully before the weekend, but for some reason it is
not recognizing the hard drive anymore. I've created a
boot disk and tried to go into disk repairs, but then it
indicated that I didn't have a hard drive. I have also
unplugged an plugged in the cables, and made sure there
are no damages or bad connections. The computer was left
on over the weekend, could a power surge have fried the
hard drive?

Please help.




Ken Simmons [MSFT]

Hi Josh,

This is a hardware error. Generally, I would suspect that this is a
controller error. Check cables, etc to ensure connectivity with the disk
and if that is in good shape, then either the disk or controller has
hardware problems.


Ken Simmons

Microsoft Technical Support for Platforms and Business Applications

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