removeable ide hard drive issues



I recently add a promise vtrack 15100 device to my w2k
server that I want to use for backup reasons "swap some
hard drives in a jbod config". The promise vtrack device
uses serial ata ide hard drives that are hot swappable,
what I need help with is that windows doesn't like it when
I simply removed that device. The hard drives are not
listed as a device that I can safely unplug in hardware
manager "add remove/hardware" Any ideas on how to force
w2k to accept the drives as a removeable device without
having to down the server and then plug in different
Thanks for any replys



Rob J

I would also like to mark a removable disk on a SATA controller as a
removable device.
How can I change the policy for the disk drive to a removable disk and
therefore not allow writes to be placed into cache.

Anyone out there know how to do this?

Thanks in advance


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