H E L P !!! with Virtual Channels


Darren Brook

Does anyone know of anywhere that I can view code examples of how to use
VirtualChannels successfully with Visual Basic 6 (VB6)?

I have a VB app on one machine (running XP Pro) that starts a msrdp RDP
session with a server machine (Windows 2000 AS). When it starts the RDP
session, it also launches another VB application on the server.

But once launched, I need to send a message to the application from the
calling machine.

I think that Virtual Channels may allow me to do this but unsure?

And also unsure if possible with VB or how!? Can't seem to find any code

Can anyone offer any help or advice.

Many thanks,

Maxim Oustiougov [MSFT]

Darren - although what you are describing is possible, there is no sample
that you can reuse.

To write everything in VB6, you would have to use two separate API sets -
one for the client, one for the server.

Client side:

Server side - there is a wrapper around C APIs:

Nice article that explains how to use Virtual Channels:

Virtual Channel reference:

Hope it helps.

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