Group Policy - Software Installation - .msp files



In all the documentation I read from MS it says .msp is a supported file type
for Software Installation under Group Policy's. Does anyone know how to
accually deploy an .msp file?

Mark Dormer

1. Apply the updates (MSP files) to the original administrative installation
point. You must run the command line separately for each MSP file that you
apply to the administrative installation point; you cannot reference
multiple MSP files on the same command line.

2. Open the Software Installation snap-in within the Group Policy Object
(GPO) that you are using to manage the existing installation.

3. In the details pane, right-click the application package, point to All
Tasks, and then click Redeploy application. The next time that the Group
Policy Object is applied to the designated users or computers, the updated
files are copied to the users' computers.

Note: You can redeploy a package only if it is being managed by Group
Policy; that is, only if you originally installed it by using IntelliMirror
software installation and maintenance, or only if you brought the package
into a managed state under Windows 2000.

Mark Dormer

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