Group Policy & Profiles


Matthew McKinnon

Hi Guys;

I need some help with group policy & profiles. I am not sure where I
should ask this but this seems like the best place.

I have managed to create Organisational Units, add Users to these OU and
create Profiles for each OU. Now what I want to do is create a 'default'
domain user profile that the will be used for every new user that logs
on. From desktop shortcuts to favourites to quick launch and so on.

In a sense I believe I would be setting up 'roaming profiles' and
createing a default profile that when every new user logs on copies the
'default profile' to the new users profile and they can continue on from

Is my thinking correct? What else do I need to do and where can I find
information on setting up romaing profiles?

Hope I don't confuse people to much! LOL



Denis Wong @ Hong Kong

Hi Matthew,

AFAIK, there is no default domain profile. If you want a default profile,
you can set one on per machine by copying your profile to the folder
Documents and Settings\Default User by using the properties of My Computer.
Or you can use mandatory profile.

HOW TO: Assign a Mandatory User Profile in Windows 2000

Or for roaming profile,

Managing User Profiles


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