group policy and roaming profiles



i cannot get roaming profiles to work the way i believe they are supposed to
this is what happens to me:

-i create an OU, and i add users with roaming profiles to it
-then i create a group policy and "assign" it to that OU
-i edit the policy to assign a proxy address of to the msie
(MicroSoft Internet Explorer)
-i log in at a client with a user, and they get the proxy IP of

-then, i edit the policy so it should assign a proxy IP of
-then i log in with a user on a client that the user has already logged in
at, and i get a proxy IP of instead of!

-if i edit the proxy IP on that client (i.e. to, and i log
into another client as that user, they get a proxy IP of!
-of course, the same thing happens if i change it to

-so, if i make a change in the policy editor, why doesn't that change 'take
effect' for every user the next time they log in?

thank you in advance...


You need to set another GP value
Computer Configuration--Administrative Templates--System--Group Policy
Internet Explorer Maintenance policy processing-enabled
"Check" Allow processing across a slow network connection
"Check" Process even if the Group Policy objects have not changed.

This will resolve your issue


If you have multiple DC's you have to wait for replication to occur. If you
do not have multiple DC's then it could be a timing issue. When it fails if
you run a GPUPDATE /Force what happens?

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