Group Policy on XPe


Yasutaka Nakamura

Hi all,

I have two questions.

*** 1st ***
I am trying to support "Group Policy (gpedit.msc)" on my
XPe image. I can start gpedit.msc, but can not show
bellow policy trees(Also other some policy items are not
display, but I would like to show these items at least).

Local Computer Policy
|-User Configuration
|-Administrative Configuration
|-Windows Components
| |-Windows Explorer *
| |-Windows Updates *
|-Start Menu and Taskbar *
|-Desktop *
|-Control Panel *

I know that each group policy is specified by registory
base, but I would like to specify it from GUI(gpedit.msc).

*** 2nd ***
I build XPe image including "Japanese Language Support".
grpup policy items in Group Policy Editor Window are
displayed in Japanese and English. Is it correct?

Please advice me or give me some information.



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