Group Policy & Local Policy



Any thoughts: If a Policy has been enabled is that only for that PC or the
end user logged in.

Example: if i log in as Admin, will i see what i have the policies not
diabled or not configured for me, but for the end user it is disabled for

If not is it possible to do this?

Sifu Fernandez



Various Group Policies can be applied at the Computer level or at the User
level. Some settings can be applied at both, so that all users of a machine
get the same settings or all users of a particular Group or Organizational
Unit (OU). It is important to understand how policies are processed so that
the actual computing environment for the machine/user is what is intended.

Ploicies process in the following order:


and within each of those, Computer Policies process before the User
policies. There are also settings which can confound this straight-forward
order, such as Policy enforcement (no override), Loopback, and filtering.

Try using the Resultant Set of Policy tool (RSoP.msc) to determine what a
given user on a given machine SHOULD be receiving. The tool can be used in
logging or planning mode and is invaluable for troubleshooting.

that the machine and/or user are members of

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