Group Policy JRE




I need to disable the automatic update option for one user which I
have set up for the whole domain users .What I done was created
another OU under the same Dept OU(because I don't want to disturb any
of the mapped drives and scripts) and called as LIG(OU) and moved the
user and his computer into this conatiner and created a new
GPO--->Administartive Templates--->Windows Update--->Automatic
update-->disabled;but it doesn't seems to be working.

Because one of the latest java updates is not compatible with the
program he is actually running but beacuse of the Domain policy even
if he delete the java runtime from the system it is coming back because of
domain GPO.

Please help me to find a solution!!!!



Roger Abell [MVP]

If that machine is having problems with JRE updates, and if
indeed it is due to group policy as you say, then you need to
speak with those that control the group policies since they
did something to have policy control over JRE updates.
JRE is not participant in Windows Update / Automatic update.
It uses its own check for new and update. You could probably
locate the reg key JRE uses for its check and update settings
(Sun docs?, set while watching with regmon/filemon?) and
then set the reg as needed with a custom adm file via GP.



Thanks for the solution Roger.

I really appreciate that.
Can you explain to me how to set uo a GPO for contrlling JRE updates.
Or any other links which I can look into it.

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