I find many references to gpedit.msc regarding CREATING a new policy, but
then the examples show how to assign an existing policy to a group or user.
To create a new policy, reference point to somewhere else which in turn state
to refer to gpedit.msc for information!

( Secure system - can't add anything )

Of note, I am running as an Administrator on a PC that is part of a domain,
though I am not a domain administrator. But I only want to add local
policies, not domain policies.

Please refer to helpful turotials.



Hi, not an expert, but here is a link to something which may assist you:

The second link contains several on-demand webcasts covering Group Policy.
There are numerous resources within the Microsoft websites which cover this
topic and I highly reccomend them. You can also purchase Microsoft Press
books which discuss and demostrate the use of Group Policy, from SBS to AD
all the way on up to the newest applications in Vista and Longhorn. I hope
this helps you in some small manner,

Good luck and have a great day,

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