goto specific slide at end of slide



WITHOUT clicking on a hyperlink or something that directs powerpoint to goto
a specific slide....

the slide has several objects with timings
once the user has clicked and run through all the objects, powerpoint will
automatically jump to next next slide

what i need:
when all the objects have been run through on the slide, and the user is
still clicking, i want to jump to a specific slide

i've tried, but dont see any way to do it, except to have a button that the
user must click to jump to the specific slide. but sometimes the user keeps
clicking and powerpoint simply jumps to the next sequential slide.


David Marcovitz

There are a couple of possible things I can think of:

(1) Custom shows might be your best bet. If you create a custom show and
your initial link is to get into the custom show, it doesn't matter what
order the slides are in for the main presentation; it just matters the
order for the custom show.

(2) Hidden slides are probably not what you want, but they could work.
If you are on slide 4 and want to go to slide 6, if slide 4 and 6 are
not hidden and slide 5 is, when slide 4 is done, it will go to slide 5.

(3) A mouse over action setting might do the trick. I believe that if
you have the last animation in your sequence be for an entrance effect
of an object that covers the whole screen (it could be a 99% transparent
object so no one ever sees it) and that object has a mouse over action
setting to hyperlink to another slide, it will do what you want. I
believe I need to credit John Wilson for this trick.


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