Good free file shredder ?


Jim Hawkins

Is there a good freeware or shareware file shredder than can cope with
modern HDDs and USB flash drives ?
I downloaded PC Optimizer Pro because it boasted a 'free' fileshredder, only
to discover it only allowed you to shred 10 files! Unlees, of course, you
paid for the whole caboodle.

Jim Hawkins


A safe and secure method is compulsory to delete important file permanently.. You should keep in mind that the data deleted even decades can be restored very safely so the deleted bank account details, secret pins, informationand codes can be easily retrieved. Kernel file shredder is the best utility which deletes the information in such a way that it can never be recovered back. This data eraser tool can erase all types of files such as documents; excel sheets, zipped, JPEG, Presentation etc. at a time. You can download this software from here

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