Go to new slide only AFTER audio file in current slide completes?



Now that I have succeeded in using a script to build separate slides that
each contain one image file and one audio file, I need to take care of two
issues regarding the audio.

Oddly enough, all of the questions I have seen here and on various forum
sites, deal with exactly the OPPOSITE of what I wish to do. One VERY-
frequently-asked question is how to have an audio file continue playing
through multiple slides.

What I need to know are:

* How can I have the audio file in a particular slide start playing
automatically, as soon as that slide is displayed, and

* How can I have PowerPoint wait until the audio file FINISHES playing
before advancing to the next slide (NOT based upon time, either).

Simply stated, these presentations are educational materials, each slide
has a corresponding explanation, the audio files are of different lengths,
and I want the finished presentation to be used as a completely automatic,
stand-alone lecture that people will be able to use from CD.

Thanks again!


The first issue can be achieved by sequencing the sound file to play
automatically after a new slide appears by sequencing it under custom
animation to after previous and keep it atop of other animations that
may follow. Other animations must be timed with previous usinf
suitable delays or rehearse their timings - see below.

The second i would recommend "rehearse timings" option (found under
slide show tab)whoch makes your timed clicks stick and plays it back
that way without your intervention. I do not think that PPT can
change slides the way you want contingent on an event unless VB
scripting can do that.

Far as i know even if an slide is timed for change for say 7 seconds
ppt willevent is

John Wilson

You will need to have the play sound as the first animation set to with or
after previous

All other animations need to be "with previous" and have appropriate delays
Set the slide to auto transition after zero seconds. (Yes , I know this
sounds wrong!)
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