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Today I sat through a PPT 2003 presentation during which there was
narration from start to finish. When the narrator said, "Let's look at
the next slide,", the next slide automagically appeared.

I have read several web sites and the PPT help, but I am still not clear
how this presentation was created. My question is, does PPT treat
narration audio different from embedded or linked audio? The slides were
not equally spaced. The audio of slide one was a minute. The audio of
slide two was 30 seconds. The audio of slide three was two minutes.

What I would like to do is to have a (wave) sound file play all through
the presentation, and have the slides change at pre-selected points
during the audio file, as above. I do not want to have to record the
narration in real time.

I know how to add an audio file to each slide, but that's not what I
want to do. I just want to play the audio and manually trigger the
slides at the appropriate time and have PPT remember the timings. How do
I do that?




Steve said:
Open a presentation then choose Slide Show, Record Narration from the main menu

All will be revealed.

That's a different animal.

When you record narration, PPT records the audio and the times at which you
change slides. Each slide gets its own audio file, whether embedded or linked.

You might try this:

Record your audio track.

Play it back as you record narration and advance slides to match the track.

Go back and delete all the audio bits PPT has recorded.
That should give you a show timed to the audio track, but no audio track.

Then have a look here to bring back the audio track as one chunk that plays

Play sounds across multiple slides (A WAV runs through it)

If this works, pay it forward ... let us know, and tell us what glitches you
ran into and solved. Thanks.

Steve Rindsberg, PPT MVP

Okay, things are beginning to make sense. Even though I have many
questions, let me ask two in particular that will help me understand PPT

1) Is there a way to insert an audio file into a slide (either embedded
or linked) such that the slide transition is triggered by the end of the
audio file? (I understand how to use a sound file for a transition and
have the slide advance after the number of seconds that is slightly
longer than the length of the audio file.)

2) Once narration has been added to a slide show, how can that narration
be deleted? It is not showing up as a speaker icon. I understand how to
delete sound by deleting the speaker icon.



Steve said:
Yes. Insert your sound then in the slide transition pane, set it to Advance Slide,
Automatically after 00:00 seconds.

The slide advance won't happen until after everything else on the slide has played
(your sound included). If the sound clips at the end, make it after 00:01 seconds,
or try 00:01.2

I just tried again with a new presentation, but here is what happens. Slide 1
has an audio transition with Advance Slide Automatically set to 00:00 seconds.
Slides 2 and 3 are the same. When I play the Slide Show, the first two slides
play for 0 seconds and then Slide 3 plays, with the audio. So, Slides 1 and 2
are not waiting for the audio to play. This problem is the one that I have had
since I first starting working with PowerPoint, and it is the one that I
understand the least. If I can get this working as it should, I'm off the races!
Hmm. When I record narrations, I get speaker icons on the slides. Delete them and
the narration's gone. You're not getting these?

I did not get them on my test presentation, but I got them on a subsequent one.
Maybe something went wonky the first time. I'll try again.



Austin Myers

Wonky vistis me on a daily basis. :)

Steve Rindsberg said:
Instead of using the sound as a transition sound, use Insert, Sounds and
Movies, From
File and add the sound; then when asked, tell PPT to play it
automatically. Then it
should work as described earlier.

Wonky ... yeah, we've seen wonky here a time or two. <g>

Steve Rindsberg, PPT MVP

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