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Hi everyone,

I am trying to set up a small database which stores information about
training within my department. My aim is to have a website with a form on it
(I'm thinking InfoPath here) where the user will fill in there name along
with a few other details and this information gets sent to my database. Once
the database is updated with this information it automatically forwards it to
an administrator along with further information about the user which is
stored on the database. The admin then makes a decision (yes or no) and this
is then sent back to the database and where it is updated again.

Is this possible?

I have a flexible deadline for this so I'm able to take the time to learn
the necessary tools to get the job done. What should I be learning? I have
got a few books out of my library on access, XML and JAVA. I already know
some visual basic.

The database also has to be secure. No-one can access it directly.

Thank you for your time




Larry Linson

Alas, by trying to get attention with your subject, you may well have
prevented some qualified (but very busy) participants here from reading it.
It is best to clearly indicate the topic in the subject, because some just
cannot waste the time to open and read posts to try to assist people. For
other good suggestions on effective use of newsgroups, see the FAQ at

I did have time, today, and I suggest that (because the information will
have to be handled by the Administrator, anyway) you e-mail it to the
Administrator address, and have access to the database itself be "local
only" to support the security you desire. There is no absolute security,
but having your database accessible via the Internet exposes it to attack
from many sources.

For such a local database, Access with Jet might be a good choice, or Access
as a client application to a server database (you can set up better security
with a server DB than with Access' default, the Jet database engine, but
with it local and not 'exposed' that would be a lesser concern).

As to tools for Internet applications, a newsgroup devoted to Microsoft
Access database software, such as this one, probably is not the best place
to ask. The online user interface that you used can be misleading, but if
you continue to look, you will find some groups on Internet development.

Larry Linson
Microsoft Office Access MVP



Norman Yuan

If you ar elooking into web application/site, you need some basic
understanding of web application.

Is it a website open to the public, or is it a internal intranet web
application/site? For the former, it is very likely that Access database
(Jet database) is not suitable. For that latter, you may be able to use Jet
database as the web application's data store, but it may not be a very good
choice, in term of security, if you have high expectation on this.

Even you use Access DB as the web application's data store, your questions
on this possible web application would have little to do with MS Access
itself: your app do not run MS Access, it just uses *.mdb/*.accdb files. So,
further discussion would be quite off-topic of this NG.

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