Gigabyte Force M7 Thor Laser Gaming Mouse


Mar 25, 2003
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Benchmark Reviews have taken a look at the Gigabyte Force M7 Thor Laser Gaming Mouse (which sadly doesn't come with a mighty hammer):

"When you first think about Gigabyte’s line of quality products, more than likely a gaming mouse doesn’t come to mind. However, they have a created a budget mouse targeted at the hardcore gaming crowd that is worthy of praise. The Gigabyte Force M7 Thor Laser Gaming Mouse comes in at an impressive price point (~$30) and packs quite a few high end features. The real question is how does it fare against the stiff competition in the gaming peripheral realm? In this article Benchmark Reviews goes in depth to find out what makes the Force M7 Thor a great budget gaming buying decision!

At first glance, the mouse really shows a beauty that will appear to most gamers. The matte black finish embellished with the large “THOR” and flashy lightning bolts make it easy on the eyes, yet not over the top to where it would turn off some people. The laser sensor on the Force M7 Thor is rated at 6,000 dpi which is very high end for such a bargain mouse. With a reinforced rubberized cable, an awesome ergonomic shape, and large are glide pads this mouse has all the bells and whistles you could hope for."


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