.gif shows in preview but not in browser?


Pheasant Plucker®

Hi there,

I am using FrontPage 2003 to make a simple index.html on my Windows Home
Server and I have inserted a .gif file by using the Insert/Picture/From File
menu command.

When I click on Preview within Front Page the picture displays as expected
(although the banner doesn't but that's not important:)

However when I show the same page in Internet Explorer 7 all I get in place
of the picture is an outline box with a small red cross in the top left hand

I have IE set to Show Pictures in Tools/Internet Options/Advanced so can
some kind soul tell me please how to get my picture to show in the browser?

And if you are feeling really keen why is it I can not see the banner in
FrontPage Preview despite it displaying in my browser window?


Pheasant Plucker®

Something else just occurred to me that may have a bearing on the .gif not
being displayed properly.

The .gif is not in a folder called images within the website folder but is
being called from a separate folder in another directory - an ftp directory
of that has any bearing.

The line that calls the .gif is as follows;

All of this is being done locally within the Intranet as I have not given
Internet access...

Any help/advice/hints/tips/gotcha's gratefully received!

Thanks & regards,

Pheasant Plucker®

Sorry...I should get all my facts straight before I post...

There was a line missing from my last post;

The line(s) that calls the .gif is as follows;

<div id="content">
<img src="../../ftp/Folder1/Picture.gif">

Not sure what the full path says as I can't see it in FrontPage (just how do
you get it to show anyway?)

As I said I am running this internally on my Intranet and if I navigate to
the site using http://server/folder1/folder2/index.htm the banner shows
correctly but no picture.

However if I navigate to the site using \\server\folder1\folder2\index.htm
then I get the picture but no banner!

My knowledge of FrontPage & designing websites is extremely limited and it
seems like a black art so again any help would be appreciated.

Thanks & regards,

Rob Giordano \(Crash\)

the .gif has to exist *within* your web site. you need to Import it into FP
(usually into the images folder) then place it into your web design from

File | Import ... blah blah blah

Rob Giordano
Microsoft MVP Expression

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