Getting a printer's IP address with WMIC?



Hello folks,

I'm currently using a WMIC command to get a list of all the printers on our
system and their name, status, etc. This is loaded to a webpage and users
can see at a glance what printers in our buildings might be having an issue.

These printers are network printers, in that they have an IP address.
However, I've been unable to figure out how to get the IP address with the
various WMIC commands. I currently have to load the IP addresses to a table
to pull into the webpage manually. We can usually click on the IP address
and get to the web based control panel for each printer.

When a new printer is added or its IP changed, I have to manually update my
little table because I can't seem to pull the IP from the WMIC command.

I'm using this command:

wmic printer list brief / format : csv > c:\folder\filename.csv

This creates a csv file that I read in and build my webpage from. But any
variation I can find for this command doesn't return the IP address.

Any ideas? Thx in advance, JJ

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