Generic financial "package" availability



I work in the interior design and construction material supply
business. We presently use a fairly inefficient parallel
(non-interface) setup between an off the shelf financial package called
MYOB (it's much like Quickbooks, etc.) and an operationally oriented
and functional Access mdb that we have developed ourselves over the
last couple of years with a couple of freelancers.

Our goal is to find/create a enterprise wide system that both
eliminates the present inefficiencies of the aforementioned hybrid, and
meet the somewhat unusual needs of our business activities.

We have already, prior to my hire a couple of years ago, purchased a
pretty strong ERP called Macola. We have not converted to it yet and at
this point it is nothing more than a contender for the job. Frankly I
find it "far too much" in some respects and "missing the target
completely" in others. My gut feeling is that it was a bad investment
relative to our needs, and that it would be an even bigger mistake to
convert to it now.

We have spent some time looking into off the shelf software suitable to
our industry and come across some contenders, but nothing ideal for one
reason or another, such as mandatory bells and whistles with their
associated expenses, or "it's not quite us" stuff that is too focused
on running a service business (e.g. plumbing, etc.)

Therefore, I find myself thinking more and more about going custom (or
at least partially) within an Access environment. We might just end up
with exactly what we want, although I do see some potential serious
downsides too (like total failure!)

The first hurdle to getting started in the custom "game" seems to me to
be the need to satisfy the bean counters. We will need a tried and
tested financial module with all the usual aspects of GL, bankbook, AP,
AR, etc...Yes I know, we are not exactly reinventing the wheel here!

And so onto my question to all you good Access folks:

1. Does anyone know of an Access "financial heart" with all the usual
trimmins' to which we might then be able to hook up (and/or develop)
all kinds of other sales and operational pieces such as order entry,
purchasing, project management, warehousing and receiving, etc?

2. Does anyone have any other opinions regarding anything I have just

I could go on a lot longer on this subject, but I think that for now we
should leave the subject here.

Thanks for everyones time and consideration.

Jonathan M.

San Diego, CA.


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