Functions I miss for notebooks (power saving)



I miss certain functions in Vista that could lead to improved powersaving on
I've set MAJOR before every important function, and Minor before smaller

1- MAJOR!!: Reduced color depth when on battery (12?/16/24bit colormode on

2- Minor: Enable themes setting for battery. This means: automatically set
visuals to performance (or self specified configuration) when on battery :
Control Panel >> System >> System Propreties >> Advanced >> Performance
settings. AND automatically reduce screen's brightness/disable systemsounds
and/or reduce/mute speakervolume.

Upto today powersaving through visuals only apply on Aero; but I'd prefer
simple looks if it could help increase my battery life, or, when setting
visuals to performance, to help laptop performance when running power hungry

3- MAJOR!!: Ability to power save/turn off blue tooth. Many laptops have XP
drivers to enable/disable bluetooth when WLAN is enabled, though only one
WLAN/Bluetooth hardware switch.
Ever since I installed Vista to my laptop, when I want to go wireless, my
bluetooth connection is active. This is something I wished you could change
in powersettings.

4- Minor: No task sceduler when on battery! If the notebook's on battery,
tasksceduler might perform a defrag. this will only decrease battery level
even more

5- Minor: Disable SWAP-File on battery, reduce usage of RAM to only the
necessary RAM (eg: I have 4GB ram, only use 8012 MB when in battery, when

6- Minor: Dynamically change wireless powersaving according to the need (eg:
Lower WLAN speed when only browsing and increase when speed is needed on
larger file downloads; lower signal SEND strength, when being close by a WLAN
router or something..)

7- Support of 5Ghz WLAN. My notebook has this option of switching between
2,4 and 5Ghz, but I don't have the VISTA drivers (only Win XP MCE drivers).

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I'm sorry, I can't seem to edit my post, but here is some correction:

1- Reduce colordepth applies to when running desktop on 32/24bit colormode
in AC mode. When going to battery it'll automatically switch to 16 or even
lower bits. This patch itself is easy, though some people have reported error
messages when watching .avi or alike video's.

2- With this I mean themes, and system sound scemes for battery.

3- in other words: Enable/disable WLAN/Bluetooth softwarematically.

4- Self explaining, though can apply to more sceduled tasks

5- In here I meant, if I had 4GB (or eg 3GB of RAM) to reduce it to 812Mb,
not 8012.
Maybe an idea could be to disable 1 RAM socket to save power in battery mode
when not needed.
I have a feeling my system sometimes allready does that... though I can be
Still a great idea!

6- Just but a suggestion, I don't know how far doing this is possible.

7- If there are other modes not supported by Vista, it would be nice to be
able to enable them as well!

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