Full justification fails on last line of paragraph


Andy Soper

In one paragraph of my large document, where justification is set to 'full'
or stright text edges, the last line, whichj contains say 4 words contains
the words spaced with much white space across the page

very much like

If the last line is not close to full then it should left justify

very much like this.

Other paragraphs are fine. I guess I need to look for some incorrect and
hidden formatting character. I would appreciate any help with this.

Sincerely, Andy



Andy Soper

Okay. I know what was wrong. The paragraph in question somehow did not end
in an "enter" or end-of-line. There was a long gap to the end of the page
and the next paragraph was on the next page. Once the errant paragraph was
correctly terminated the problem was fixed. The it was necessary to delete
the hard new page to allow the paragraphs to flow nicely.

I suspect the problem arose either through some change in pagination or
through my deleting some text which also carried off the end-of-line.
Perhaps this aske-and-answered will help someone :)



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