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Peter Morris [Droopy eyes software]

I'm after product recommendations for 3rd party FTP components.



Peter Morris [Droopy eyes software]

I went for Rebex and I would *highly* recommend it!

I had some trouble connecting to an FTP, someone at Rebex helped me to sort
it out even though it was not a problem with their components. The problem
was that Active mode would not work due to my home router and Passive mode
would not work due to the configuration of the server. Someone has spent a
lot of time over the past two days reading logs to help me to determine the
problem, provide URLs to help to fix them, inspecting code, etc. The
support has been better than anything I have ever experienced!



Yes, in fact passive is easier to implement, so I'd be surprised to see
something that supported active and not passive.


Mike Margerum

had to write my own in straight C that did both. Hard to get either one
to work just right.

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