FSEXTEND tool availability...



Can anyone here help locate a copy of the FSEXTEND tool? I
am having a problem currently where I used DISKPART to
extend a partition on a hardware RAID 5 array after adding
an additional drive to the array. I used the Compaq Array
utility to expand the array and the unused disk space
showed up in the Disk Manager afterwards. I then followed
the instructions in this KB Article: 325590 to extend the
data partition. The server is Windows 2000 Server with
Service Pack 4 and is fully patched. The logical drive was
a Basic drive and had two partitions - a C (system) and a
D (data) partition. The Raid controller is a Compaq Smart
Array 431.

The FSEXTEND tool was described by a Robert Mitchell
[MSFT] in this webpage:
http://www.webservertalk.com/message240641.html but I have
no way of contacting him or obtaining the tool - even
Microsoft in NZ can't help me.

Please help... Stuart.


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