Frontpage 2002 update web problem



I have a small website (, for illustration) which I have been
updating for 7 years without problem, most recently and currently using MS
Frontpage 2002.

Suddenly I am being asked for a user name and password that I have not
before been asked for, with this message - "The server at requires a username and password. Warning: This server is
requesting that your username and password be sent in an insecure manner
(basic authentication without a secure connection)." - none of my user names
for my IP or Web Host fit this request and the Web Host has diverted me back
to Microsoft.... Any clues guys and gals?

David Berry

You can try FP Cleaner at to see
if there's a problem on your PC but it sounds like your web host needs to
correct the problem on their end. Ask then to do a check and repair on the
FrontPage Server Extensions, or re-install them. They should also check to
see if the authentication method on their server has been changed.

Another way to rule out a problem on your end is to try opening the site
from a different PC. If you get the same error on multiple PCs then it's
definitely a problem on your web host's end.

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