frontpage 2002 and db wizard and win xp pro


jeff maultby

Hi All
Have run Database Interface Wizard and told it to create
a new web and db in "my webs"\testfpdb using sample
northwind dbs from access. it runs thru to completion.
On running in frontpage with previw i get no displayed
data. On running in IE6 i get "The Database Results
component on this page is unable to display database
content. The page must have a filename ending in '.asp',
and the web must be hosted on a server that supports
Active Server Pages". (To get this far i had to stop Win
xp associating frontpage with asp files, otherwise every
click on hyperlink to asp file opened frontpage!)
If i run administrative tools -> "Internet Information
Services" and add new virtual directory using the just
created web page (testfpdb) i can see the pages and the
reurned database data when running browse on the r/c
on "Internet Information Services".
Whats stopping frontpage and ie6 running the generated
asp script? I have checked all the secuirty setting and
they all allow or prompt for scripts etc.
Many thanks to whoever answers.

Paul Schandel

Need to turn on ASP on y our web server. IIS 6?? I had this same error
myself or similar one.

Check out this link if your running IIS 6.. its what someone gave me..
helped me...

jeff maultby

Thanks Paul,
I'm runnin IIS5.1
Does not look like the snapshot at link below, i guess
asp is running cos i can browse using the browse r/c menu
within IIS and if i edit the asp files the behaviour from
here alters, ot just don't work in IE6

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