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Rick Budde

It is best to put your pictures and "words" in tables.
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I am making a web page with front page 2000 and using
photoshop for images. when i insert them in the normal
view everything looks the way i want it but when i
preview it the pictures are all over theplace and some of
the words are up too high or too low. What am i doing
wrong or what is the problem. Thank you for your help.



chris leeds

are these tables nested, set to a % or absolute width?
I think you're going to have to give a url for these offending pages to get
a solid answer.

The email address on this posting is a "black hole". I got tired of all the
Please feel free to contact me here:

zoom said:
Thanx rick, did that but it didnt work. I used tables and arranged the
pics and words the way i want them but when i go to the preview mode the
words are on the pics and its all way off.




The panacea for most program abnormalities is Uninstalling then deleting the
Directory that remains in C:/Programs/FrontPage. Then reinstall the program.
This is good advise for any program you use. I figure, "why troubleshoot
the problem to death?". Just reinstall and 90% of the time, the problem is

i have the pictures set positioned absolutly so i can move them freeley into
the border i made in photoshop. i made a table and put the pics, words and
borders in the appropriate cells. when i go to the preview they still
are all over theplace. I dont know about nesting cells. Please offer
some help there, that may help my problem. The page is not published yet.

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