Friendly name for Digital Certificate prompt


Gareth R


A particular website I visit uses Digital Certificates for logging in. I
have 6 different Digital Certificates for the site installed, because I login
under 6 different identities for 6 different customers.

So, when I visit the site, IE6 presents me with the list of 6 certificates
for me to choose which one i want to use.

As the digital certificate name is just a long sequence of numbers
representing my user ID, it's sometimes difficult to remember which one is
which. To help, I've used the "Friendly Name" and "Description" fields of
the certificates to add info to help me identify which is which.

The problem is, the window that IE6 uses to prompt me to choose a cerificate
only displays the name and issuer. To see the friendly name and description
I have to go into View Certificate, Details tab, and scroll down to check I
have the right one.

Is there any way to make IE6 show the Friendly Name rather than just the
Name & Issuer in the "Choose a Digital Certificate" box?

(Unfortunately I cannot upgrade to IE7 on this machine so I don't know if
IE7 does this already.)


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