Fresh install of XP from a network share



I am attempting to install XP Pro to a new PC from a
network distribution folder. I have created a Dos boot
floppy with the appropriate network drivers and have
successfully logged onto the network server and mapped a
drive to the distribution share folder. When I run
WINNT.EXE, I get an error message "An internal setup
error has ocurred - could not find a place for a swap
file". Do I have to use an unattend file in order to
install across the network and does the unattend file
have a parameter that will specify a place for the swap

Patrick J. LoPresti

You need to partition and format your C: drive (as a FAT partition)
before running winnt.exe.

See <> for a system which uses this
approach and already works. It is free, so even if you do not use it,
you can examine it for ideas.

- Pat

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