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Sep 30, 2005
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Free Software ... for Windows. ;-) Quote:
We are giving the people what they want: Software With Imagination... for Free!

That's right, 100% completely free software. No gimmicks. It's yours for free.

Download today and start using the most user friendly software around.

Serif makes some fine programs that you can download, install and use for free. But, you have to register and have the key code sent to your email address. And, in the process, you will receive their monthly email message and other offers. You will have to unsubscribe when you get the first email if you do not want to be pestered again.

Here is the section from their "Terms and Conditions" that tells you about it:
Product Downloading

When you download your product, the product is free and yours to use for life. All we require is that you complete the registration process in full. When you register, you need to ensure your details are accurate as we will send your registration key to the email address you provide. You will need to enter this registration key in order to use your free software.

The information that you supply during registration will be used to provide you with the Serif monthly Newsletter, product support emails and other carefully targeted email offers. Each email will provide you with the ability to unsubscribe or optimize your email subscription at any time.
This type of deal is fairly common.


I'm not grouchy by nature, it takes constant effort.

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I missed this particular thread . However with an extension from FireFox .. Temporary Inbox 1.5.2 you could remain totaly anonymous and spam free.;)

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