FPSE problem installing and Publishing



I am using FP2003 and publishing to a powweb.com site.
When I install FPSE on the server, my Front Page files
seem to get corrupted. Link Bar button graphics disappear
and substitutions occur on certain pages.

I have also tried to publish FP2003 pages in Web View and
even after installing FPSE on the server, Web View returns
an error that FPSE is not installed. If I reinstall my FP
files using FTP the Front Page Server Extensions get
corrupted and my forms won't work.

Powweb is using a UNIX based server with member operations
that allow us to install FPSE ourselves. Can anyone help
or point me in the right direction?



Steve Easton

On a UNIX server, if you repair / reinstall
the FrontPage extensions, it will corrupt
already published FrontPage components.
You *must* repair the extensions and then
re-publish using http://yourweb.com
If you use ftp:// you will corrupt the extensions every time.





Thomas A. Rowe

Which version of the FP extensions does your host support, as a navigation
features of FP2003 that rely on the FP extensions, requires the FP2002
extensions and not the FP2000 extensions.


Thomas A. Rowe (Microsoft MVP - FrontPage)
WEBMASTER Resources(tm)

FrontPage Resources, Forums, WebCircle,
MS KB Quick Links, etc.

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