FPNW 5 / server out of resources


Nathan Mead

When I try to connect to my freshly installed Win2k DC with FPNW installed
with a Netware client, I am getting 'Server is out of Resources. Try again
later.' error messages. Anyone know what would cause this?

I have noticed something else that is weird, but I don't know if its
related. I have 2 NIC's in this box 1 Token-Ring and 1 Ethernet. We only
have IPX running on our Token-Ring segment, so I need to have FPNW services
and IPX bound only on that NIC. If I uncheck the boxes on the Ethernet
card, it removes them from the Token-Ring card as well. I have tried
re-arranging bindings,etc in 'Advanced Settings' of the NIC, but to no

Anyone have any ideas?

Nathan Mead

Well now, I now see that the service keeps stopping. When I try to restart
it, it states its already running.

Any ideas?


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