How Do I Remove FPNW from Active Directory?


John W. Galvin

OK, we made a mistake.

We just did an in place upgrade from an NT4 domain to 2003 active directory
(interim). Prior to the upgrade we removed all BDCs except one from the
network. We promoted that BDC to PDC, upgraded it to 2003, and installed
active directory on it. Then we ran dcpromo on a pair of purpose built 2003
Server boxes, moved all FSMO roles to the new boxes, and shut down the
upgraded transition server.

The PDC that was demoted to BDC is still on our network. It is an NT4 SP6a
box. Unfortunately this server had/has MS File and Print Services for
NetWare 4.0 installed on it. Now when we try to use Active Directory Users
and Computers to reset a password an error box pops up and says "Windows
cannot complete the password change for X because: The specified procedure
could not be found".
This situation is described here:;en-us;268709

We are in the process of eliminating NetWare and IPX/SPX from our network.
We have 2 holdouts, 1 NetWare 3.2 server, and the FPNW box. We can remove
FPNW from the NT box at any time.

I tested the fix mentioned in the article on my PC and it works. I do not,
however, want to distribute FPNWCLNT.DLL, an NT4 DLL, to the domain
controllers and everyone that may have to run Users and Computers. After
reading the various articles at it appears we should
have removed FPNW before demoting the PDC. That is no longer possible.

Will removing FPNW from the now BDC fix the problem? Is there any way to
remove any lingering traces in Active Directory? Are we going to be stuck
distributing this DLL to every domain controller and administrative
workstation until the end of time?

Sorry for the cross post, but I don't know which newsgroup is most
appropriate for this question.


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