FP2003 won't open existing FP2002 website



When I try to open an existing web site created in
FP2002, I'm kicked into the Web Site Setup Wizard. If I
choose to use FP Extensions as the means to 'transfer
files to and from my server', then I get an error message
saying 'You are unable to import a web site from
http://.... Verify the location and try again.'

This particular site is password protected (but not the
home page).

I am able to connect to the site using FTP. I've always
been told, though, that transfering files via FTP will
not allow FP Server Extensions to work properly. Is that
still the case with FP2003 FTP transfers? (I'm using a
lot of DB calls and puts set up withthe Database Wizard.)

Any ideas?



Jim Buyens

If you think that the remote site has the FrontPage Server
Extensions installed, try the procedure at:


As you do this, remember that in effect you're publishing
from the remote site to a local site.

If the remote site doesn't have the FrontPage Server
Extensions installed and you have a good local copy of
your Web site, I'd recommend continuing to use it.
Otherwise, let the Import function do its thing, namely:

o Let it create a new blank local Web.
o Let it copy the remote site into the local site by FTP.
o Let it fix all the FrontPage indexes and cross-

When you're done making your changes, publish the local
site to the remote site, again using the FTP built into

So far, FP2003 seems to be pretty good about publishing by
FTP. Most problems with publishing by FTP come about
because designers use external FTP programs, and they
aren't aware of all the files FrontPage has changed. So
they transmit less that the total compliment of files
involved in a change, and things run amok.

If you use FTP to change a Web site that has the FrontPage
Server Extensions installed, then the information
FrontPage keeps about the site will be out of sync with
the actual content. So, you need to run the Recalculate
Hyperlinks command. However, if you can use FrontPage to
open the remote site and run Recalculate Hyperlinks, then
FrontPage should be able to open the remote site as a
publishing destination as well.

Jim Buyens
Microsoft FrontPage MVP
Author of:
|| Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 Inside Out ||
|| Microsoft FrontPage Version 2002 Inside Out ||
|| Web Database Development Step by Step .NET Edition ||
|| Troubleshooting Microsoft FrontPage 2002 ||
|| Faster Smarter Beginning Programming ||
|| (All from Microsoft Press) ||

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