FP2003 -- Rounded Corners -- Table Edges



I have created a table and in the bottom row I inserted a new layout cell in
the bottom left of that table row. I then chose cell formatting and
formatted the layout cell to have a rounded edge. The color of my page is
dark green. When I create the rounded edge in that layout cell (colored to
match my page), there is still some white space at the bottom of the graphic.
How do I get rid of the white space? so that when I preview the page in IE,
the table looks to have a rounded edge without that speck of white space.


David Berry

You inserted the layout table into another table? If so, did you set the
cell padding and spacing of the first table to 0? What's the URL so we can
take a look?



Yes, the cell padding and spacing of the first table is zero. I didn't
publish b/c of the white speck. I will try to recreate and if I experience
the same issue, I will publish and post the url.


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