Formula fields in Pivot table reports?


Pat Dools


I am trying to make a formula field that will add up 'Premium $' when my
'Status' field has a certain value and show that sum in the Data Area of a
Pivot Table report.

For example, I have this formula field:

= IF(Pipeline_Status= "In Pipeline",POL_PREMIUM,0)

Where 'Pipeline_Status' is a text field and 'POL_PREMIUM' is a currency
field in my Pivot Table source data. But, when I add the formula field to
the pivot table, I get '$0.00' for the value.

I would like to be able to evaluate the 'Pipeline_Status' field for
different values, and put the sum of the records that contain those values
side-by-side in the Data Area of the pivot table report. What am I doing
incorrectly here?



Debra Dalgleish

A calculated field can test the amounts in data fields, but text has a
numeric value of zero, so that will always be the result.

Perhaps you could add that calculation to the source data, in a new
field, then use that new field in the pivot table.



Shane Devenshire


You could put the Status area into the Row area and the Premium $ field into
the Data area. Then filter the status (row field) for the status value you a
concerned with.

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