Pivot Table Calculated field error


Jeff Metcalf

I have a pivot table that
As Rows

Service Territories

As Values
Count the number of service calls
Sum two columns of data consisting of 1 or 0 depending on whether a SLA was

When I try to put in a calculated field of SLA1/callcount, all I get is a
div/0 error?

I can do a manual calc of


and it's fine. Why can't I do a calculated formula in the pivot table
itself to do this?

Thanks in advance,




Debra Dalgleish

A calculated field will always use the sum of the referenced fields,
even if you've used a different summary function in the pivot table.

So, if your CallCount is based on a text field, its sum will always be
zero. That's why you get a #DIV/0! error.

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