Getpivot data dynamic reference



Hi all,

I am using the getpivotdata to retrieve data from a pivot table,
the formula contains references to cells $C$4,$D$4 for different items
of the fields of the pivot table, where the user can choose via a
dropdown menu the values.

=GETPIVOTDATA("Sum of Volume 1",'Summary 1'!$A$4,"Month",$C

Would it be possible to do the same for the data field "Sum of Volume
1" and the pivot table name 'Summary 1'!$A$4 as I have different
pivot tables.

I tried the following formula for the pivot table name:
=GETPIVOTDATA("Sum of Volume 1","'"&G4&"'"&"!$A$4","Month",$C
where G4="Sum of Volume 1"

but excel gives me #ref.

any idea?

thank you


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