Form Field that are more than one line


Robert Linkenhoker

I need to create a form field that is more than one long. This Form will be
used both for filling out by typing in Word and printed out so the user can
fill it out by writing in the underlined spaces.
Thanks for your help

Graham Mayor

If you must have lines to type on then you need a table cell of fixed
height, sufficient to accommodate two lines of text. Use a piece of sample
text to work out the required cell height (around 1 cm) before inserting the
field. Set the width of the cell to be fixed. Add a bottom border to the
cell then use the line drawing tool to create a horizontal line across the
centre of the cell, between the two rows of text (you may want to adjust the
paragraph line spacing to improve the appearance.) When you are happy,
remove the sample text and insert your form field.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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